Asante Kotoko started bribery in Ghana football- Alhaji Grunsah alleges

Owner and bankroller of Kumasi King Faisal, Alhaji Karim Grunsah has alleged that Asante Kotoko are the originators of bribery in Ghana football.

The veteran sports administrator with over about 50 years’ experience in managing football based his claims on incidents he alleges happened in 1958.

Alhaji Grunsah explained that Asante Kotoko fixed their matches to prevent their city rivals Kumasi Corners Stones from winning the 1958 league- a way to deny ensure they don’t get the bragging right in the Garden City.

“Kotoko is the first Ghanaian club to be involved in match-fixing. Yes. They are the first club to practice such act,” the experienced football administrator said in an interview with Kessben FM.

He explained, “There was no league in 1957. All the fixed matches planned by Kotoko was in 1958 where they decided not to let Kumasi Cornerstones FC to win their first-ever Ghana Premier League title”

“Kotoko had the perception that Cornerstones FC was a feeder club for their arch-rivals Hearts of Oak. They defeat Cornerstones to aid Hearts of Oak to win the 1958 Ghana Premier League with 20 points.

“Cornerstones FC was to be crowned the champions of the league but Asante Kotoko defeats them on their last fixture leaving them with only 19 points.”

“Kotoko has collapsed all clubs in the Ashanti Region such as Cornerstones FC, Adansiman FC, Kum Apem Stars, and others.”

“If I wasn’t strong like they have collapsed my club King Faisal FC but they can’t. Oh never just check our motto ‘Insha Allah'”.

Alhaji Grusah’s King Faisal is back in the Ghana Premier League after spending the last decade in the lower division.

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